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Navetz has changed! This site use to be dedicated to software development but it has now been relaunched to represent Navetz (me). If you’re looking for a software development company you’re still in the right place.

Did you know most major projects are completed with teams of 5 or less developers (ie, pushbullet)? With a wide range of contractors available along with my own skills, I can confidently take on any project.


Building large software systems is hard. Building large software systems that are maintainable is even harder but I believe it’s the most important thing to consider during the early stages of planning a project.


Lets face it, you want to like the developer you hire just as much as I want to like any client I work with. If this site doesn’t tell you enough about me then a quick conversation will let you see how much you’ll enjoy my passion and thirst for knowledge.


It’s very hard for a non-developer to know if they’re being taken advantage of and sadly it happens far too often. I take pride in being open and honest about all aspects of my work. I always provide clients with as much information and options as possible.

Responsive Design

Google now takes mobile design into consideration for it’s search rankings. It’s no longer acceptable not to have a mobile version of your site! With responsive design you’ll use the same content to provide desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your site!



Figuring out as many long term possibilities as you can early into a project can greatly influence how your project will be built. It might be a good idea to build a prototype and iteratively improve it or you might need to build a market ready product that is can be easily maintained and upgraded.

Mobile Development

There are a number of ways to develop mobile apps. Sometimes it’s best to use tool like phone gap which lets you create one app and use it for both IOS (Apple) and Android (Google, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc…). Other times you need native support which would require building two separate apps for each platform.

Want to talk technology, design, concepts, ideas, code, 3rd party integration, hosting, scale-ability, maintenance, seo, ad revenue, prices, or timelines? ”


Let me give you ideas! Let’s pretend you’re building a custom store for customers to buy custom made paperclips. You’re going to want help with a creative UI. How about we automatically create accounts based on a users email address after they buy the paperclip? What about an admin UI that let’s them specify how they want their paperclip to work and has a message box? What about allowing users to affiliate with each other as a social tool? Should we build the site generically so we can allow it to be branched into another site that sells custom made pins? I’m not even scratching the surface here, there are so many cool things to explore with each project!