About Navetz

Adaptive would be the best way to describe myself. I can fit in well in any situation I am thrown into. My natural disposition in life is to be neutral in most situations and a big reason for that is because I don’t like to form opinions without complete information. The thing about having complete information is that you rarely do, that’s why my opinions are always open to change and I am not a person who won’t admit he is wrong. In fact admitting you’re wrong is a great quality to have, it shows that you’re objective and able to look past your ego.

Competition is the biggest driving force in my life. I compete with friends, colleagues and even people I don’t know but my biggest competitor is myself. Every day I actively try to make myself better than I was the day before. That doesn’t mean I don’t take time to enjoy myself. I’ve done more than I could have dreamed of already in terms of making friends and having adventures while at the same time achieving an extremely high level of personal success. After a lot of self reflection I’ve decided I’m ready to take things to the next level and that’s what navetz.com is all about.

Ambition, persistence and perseverance through failure. I believe these are the most important attributes anyone needs to be successful for a long period of time. I’m always looking forward to see what’s next and I won’t be complacent while other people grasp opportunities that I could as well. In my opinion persistence implies hard work, even when you lose motivation and especially when you fail. Life is hard, it’ll chew you up and spit you out, over and over again. For everything I’ve done successfully there are countless failures leading up to it. I expect to continue failing, but each time I’ll gather myself, learn from my mistakes and try againThe most overlooked skill of a good computer scientist is the fact that they must be a master logician as well. Being able to write programs that compute complex mathematical equations is impressive, but the real genius lies in the developers who can utilize those equations to solve real world problems.

Most of my software development has been web based. I’ve created numerous web applications, websites, and have branched into Android and IOS apps. The primary languages I use are PHP, MySQL(database), CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript hosted on Linux Ubuntu servers running Apache.

When I write programs my main focus is always long term maintainability. Software is something that is constantly upgraded and improved upon and if you don’t take the time to plan for upgrades and changes you’ll end up with obsolete software in no time.

I created and maintain this website as well. The site is built on WordPress, the world’s largest content management system. I’ll be using the site as a way for me to play around with some development ideas while also putting together great social content for my followers. There will be blog posts and how to guides posted from time to time so stay tuned! Being self driven is one of my strongest qualities so naturally I’d have an entrepreneurial mindset. I started in university buying and selling laptops on ebay which was to much work for little reward. When I learned how to program I created navetz.com as a personal blog, put up ads and generated some ad revenue. Next I started freelance development until I won a grant that gave me startup funds to start my own web development company. I’ve been running that company in some capacity since then and still have great clients I work with to this day.

While running my company I’ve found time on the side to venture into the real estate market. I started by buying a 4-plex then shortly after buying a duplex with one large front unit where I live now and a smaller back unit which I rent out. I’m in the market for a new rental property at the moment.

I’ve tried my hand at investments too but I was overly ambitious and too greedy. My brother and I built a mining rig to mine litecoins and I invested capital into bitcoins and dogecoins. The coin market collapsed shortly afterwards but it was a great learning experience. I plan on investing in numerous stocks and into the cryptocurrency game again.

This site will be my next greatest investment which mostly consists of time. I hope you find some value here and I will do my best to provide quality content.

I shouldn’t have made my grade 9 basketball team. Coach Hark (the senior coach at riverside high school) told my freshmen coach to put me on the team instead of a more talented but flashier player. He was about developing fundamentals and I looked up to him and worked my ass off to do everything he taught me as well as I possibly could. I went from the 12th guy on the bench to becoming our go to scorer and an overall great hustle player. I won most improved then most valuable player every year since. I also finished high school as a city all star in basketball and volleyball.

I continued to develop as a player and had a short two year stint playing basketball for the lancers at the University of Windsor. I never found my place there but I respect coach Oliver and he praised my work ethic many times. Here I learned how to become a smarter player and making good decisions. I’ve continued to developer every year since and I consider myself at this moment the best player I’ve ever been, but I plan to keep improving.

To this day I am still extremely active and have not given up on physical activity after sport. I always challenge myself in the weight room, trying to be stronger then the last time I was there. I play in intramural basketball leagues and I have a great group of friends/players who get together every Monday and Wednesday to get a quality run in.

My strongest personal characteristics have been developed through sport and I am grateful for the support and opportunities I’ve been given.Many people would be surprised to know that in high school when I would go play basketball for 6-8 hours a day in the summer, I was coming home and spending even more time playing video games (Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne). It was just another place to compete. Real time strategy games were always the most interesting because just like with sports it was you playing against someone else in a test of intelligence, speed and skill.

I also spent countless nights playing with friends while all of us were in the same ventrilo (audio chat) room. We played for hours and formed really strong life long bonds during these times. We would get together and play console games like super smash brothers, goldeneye, Mario kart, etc…

To this day I still have my friends come over a few times a week to game, watch movies, hang out, go rollerblading, etc. My brother Miki and I have set up a small LAN area in our basement where 5 of us get together and play 5v5 games against other teams for a couple hours. On my own I spend my limited free time playing StarCraft 2, which is a real time strategy game I’ve poured countless hours into!

ModelThis one is new! I’m starting to peruse a career in Modelling and that’s what most of this site has been built around. For now I’ll keep this short because I haven’t made a lot of traction yet, but I will soon.

If you take a look around my site you can see my portfolio and photoshoots. I’d love it if you left some feedback and suggestions.

Any modelling agencies or companies in need of a male model can contact me directly.

Thanks for your time!