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September 2015

Construction House Photoshoot 7 – Alex Muntean

This is my new place that I'm renovating to resell. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a creative Construction House photoshoot!

Graffiti Photoshoot 6 – Alex Muntean

Strolling along downtown trying to make a cool graffiti photoshoot happen is the way to go! Lots of interesting visuals and great art.

Overpass Photoshoot 5 – Alex Muntean

A quick trip to an overpass we thought would produce some good pics. Unfortunately I'm left unsatisfied with this one.

August 2015

Highway Guess Jacket Photoshoot 4 – Alex Muntean

Highway photoshoot with my new Guess jacket. I was also able to edit the raw images for this photoshoot so you'll see a bit more of my touch in these photos.

Ojibway Park Photoshoot 3 – Alex Muntean

The Ojibway Park photoshoot produced some unexpectedly great pics. Alex surprised me with a couple snaps but the images were great so we kept them!

Walkerville Photoshoot 2 – Alex Muntean

I went out today for my second photoshoot with Alex Muntean, the Walkerville Photoshoot. Tried on a couple different outfits and looked for some unique shots. We also sporadically decided to try some cool lighting pics at the end of the shoot.

Jackson Park Photoshoot 1 – Xtraordinary Photography

Xtraordinary Photography and I have partnered together for our first shoot. Some great images to start off my portfolio for the Jackson Park Photoshoot.

July 2015

Riverfront and University Photoshoot 1 – Alex Muntean

My very first photo shoot with Alex Muntean. The Riverfront and University Photoshoot was done in the City of Windsor.

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