Sub Bosses & Giveaways – Top Donors – Viewer Day Moved!

Sub Giveaways!

I want to start hooking people up with giveaways. There will be some game giveaways and maybe in-game dota items. I haven’t fully decided how this is going to work but the first giveaway winner is russ3141 because he’s been a gamewisp sub for over 8 months now! Yes I know this isn’t a random draft giveaway, I’m just hooking up russ because he’s silently supported stream for so long.

The reason I haven’t done many giveaways in the past is because I want to build an actual community instead of getting people who only show up for giveaways.

Sub Discord Channel

It exists. I’m going to start working on making it better but for now it just exists.

!bhos – Fight a Gamewisp Boss in Chat!

All of my GameWisp subs will now be fightable in the boss fights. Invoke a boss battle by typing !bhos. The loot that the boss drops will be 300 bhosCoins x Tier(1-5). For example Bola6 is a Tier 2 sub so he would drop 600 bhoscoins if defeated!

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Become A Navetz Gamewisp Sub Here


Top Donors List -All Time & Monthly + Sub List

After each stream I’ll be updating the Monthly Donor List + Sub List. Since I just got back from Vacation we’ll do May + June for the Monthly List. The monthly list will restart on the first of the month but I’ll keep the top 10 from the previous month until there are 10 new donors. The all time top 10 list will be updated at the end of the month.

Monthly top 10 (May-Current):

1 Bigmanontrain $70.00
2 BOLA6 $59.98
3 TE55ELATOR $20.00
4 meanfatty91 $17.31
5 claeton $16.00
6 Glen_elpedes $10.00
7 SimsJeff $8.00
8 pmagamin $5.00
9 claeton $7.00
10 russ3141  $2.01


Current Sub List:

Tier 2

Tier 1

Viewer day moved! Schedule changes.

I’ve decided I need to take a full day off stream to work on improvements and relax. Viewer days are being moved to Tuesday, Saturday start time is TBA but will most likely start around 3pm PST with battlecups at 6pm PST.

12-7pm Monday
12-7pm Tuesday (Viewer Day)
12-7pm Wednesday
12-7pm Thursday
12-7pm Friday
TBD Saturday
Lazy Sunday



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