September Review and Plans for October

September is in the books and I couldn’t be happier that I get to start October with functional internet! Or at least it’s suppose to be, only time will tell.

For the month of September we managed to hit improvements in most streaming numbers, but most importantly we improved on concurrent viewers.

Positives of the September

  • Amazing birthday stream -> a hair cut to remember.
  • Dota improvements (knowledge and skill)
  • Various stream enhancements including a new i7-6700k CPU + mobo + 16gigs of ram! New sound effects and commands added as well.
  • Great community engagement!
  • Viewer days are getting better!


  • Stream lag: unfortunately my ISP let me down hard this month. I had to cancel numerous streams and alter streaming times based on bad internet service (Cogeco I’m looking at you)
  • Slow growth: likely caused by internet issues, but the growth was slower than prior months and I need to work harder to promote the stream
  • Hard to reintroduce fitness to the stream but don’t you worry I have a plan 😉
  • AnalyticsStream Hatchet (analytics for twitch) went down without a word from anyone until the day of twitchcon, basically no stats tracked for all of Sept

Improvements and Changes!

  • Schedule. I’ll do my best to always have an accurate schedule posted or let you know the day before if there will be changes
  • New Stream Production Mode – Dota stream time will be limited to 6 hours a day. Afterwards I will switch to a two creative stream thats dedicated time for me to work on the stream. I’ll be in discord and I’ll still have chat up but I will be working on engaging with other streamers, connecting via social media, and any other stream improvements I can do during this time.
  • Content Creation! I’ll be starting a YouTube and twitch series called: Heros of Dota. Each day I’ll release a new video.
  • New games! Wait what??? Navetz playing something other than dota 2? This isnt something I necessarily want to do becsuse I still have so much improving to do with dota but I need to start bringing other viewers to my stream. We’ll be adding some party/social games to our repertoire. If I lose thee games of Dota in a row we’ll instantly switch to something I can play with viewers. I may also plan Additional games but if I do you’ll know about it ahead of time.
  • Fitness reintegration! From now on we’ll build up to fitness time. It will be scheduled for a certain time during each stream with a countdown displayed on stream so people know when we’re switching to workout mode!
  • Developing code for stream. Bouncing a lot of ideas around right now but I’ll be building a custom bot to make stream more interactive.
  • New graphics and overlays: coming soon! (Emotes too)
  • More SFX!
  • New ways to use protein! Will be part of the new bot 🙂
  • Timers: We’re going to start using on screen timers in a big way! Example: Time until fitness stream: 6hr25min. Cooking Stream Begins in: 4.5hrs. Playing new game in: 2hrs!

Pondering these Ideas

  • Vlogs if there is any interest
  • Beginning to contact companies for sponsorships
  • Building social media bots

Update: Stream Hatchet relanched and I have statistics to share.

Average Viewership
As you can see viewership wasn’t bad considering how poor my internet connection was for the month!


New followers
Follower rates were much slower. again I think this is because new viewers would leave once the stream started buffering.

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