Schedule Changes – Emotes Live – Risk – Rick and Morty SFX pack – Commands

Well well well what do we have here, some new content for stream? Breakdown:

Streaming from 12pm-7pm PST

New schedule is up. Having two separate streams daily wasn’t working out so well so I’m switching the time up.

Monday: 12-7pm
Tuesday: 12-7pm
Wednesday: 12-7pm
Thursday: 12-7pm
Friday: 12-7pm
Saturday: tbd
Sunday: 12-7pm

5 Emotes Finally Approved

Checkout all the emotes here. New ones:


One new one coming soon!


Risk: Fuel for the gambling addicts

New way to gamble on stream is !risk. Win or lose bhosCoins with a slew of great random dota scenarios. Don’t forget to pay your slave. Might re-add some through gambling commands.

Rick and Morty Soundpack

20 new sound effects on stream, check them all out here. 5 of the 20 are only accessibly by GameWisp Subscribers, and they’re pretty f-ing awesome.

New games for Viewer day.

All the games from the Jackbox party packs are now available for us to play. There are a couple more too like Golf with Friends and … sorry my memory fails me.

Overall Stream Upgrades

There are a bunch of upgrades throughout stream. We now have multiple pages on this site as hubs for stream content:


Finish up commands page.
Take poll and change games to whisper command.
Plan more workout streams.
Get back to youtube content once improvements to stream quality are done.
Host more events.
Use the new node dota2 API to enhance bhosbot


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