Announcing the new text to speech command that viewers can use to “!say” messages to navetz while he’s in game.

Cost: 1 gram of protein per character.

D <  $5 = 100 grams of protein per $
D < $10 = 150 grams of protein per $
D > $10 = 200 grams of protein per $

It’s 5:53am. I’ve been brainstorming different ways to implement some custom bot functionality through our beloved bhosbot and I decided I would finally get to finish something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. One of the hardest things to do as a Dota 2 streamer is to try and effectively keep up with chat. When you’re try-harding you need every ounce of attention to gain that sweet sweet MMR so as of right now I’m introducing the new !say command which will hopefully let me have my cake and eat it too.

Viewers can now use !say and trade their precious protein for a moment of fame and glory. A text-to-speech custom built bot will read you message out loud to navetz. I expect there to be some abuse and possibly a little buggy during the first couple days of use but we’ll adapt!

During the next couple weeks I will be trying to mix up streaming strategies a bit to try and attract some new followers, stream has been a bit stagnant in growth lately so I’m going to take this opportunity to try some new things such as !say only streams and changing the way / amount I interact with viewers.

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