Riverfront and University Photoshoot 1 – Alex Muntean

Project Details

This is my first attempt at a photoshoot! It was a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot at the same time.┬áThe main purpose of this photoshoot was to get some nice scenic pictures taken for this website and to start building portfolio pages like this one. After a LOT of testing and playing around with different page designs I’ve decided that this is the best format for my portfolio pieces. The content will change as I have more information to put into the side headings so you can expect the design to continue improving.

As for the Riverfront and University Photoshoot, we had a lot of great ideas but didn’t execute very well. We need to work on lighting a bit and getting some better frames for the shots. I think we’ll see some nice improvements in our next shoot together. We’ve decided to do the next one in the Walkerville area which has a lot of great opportunites for pics. In the mean time I’m going to work a bit on facial expressions and start taking some photos myself.


Riverfront and University Photoshoot


Alex Muntean


City of Windsor Riverfront and University

Riverfront and University Photoshoot Photos

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