November of Navetz 2016

Remember remember the month of November when Navetz was busy as fuck.
His ISP and his MMR, dropped and they dropped and they dropped.
December is here so we look in the rear and realize is wasn’t so bad
November was our best month ever so and for that I’m overly glad 🙂

Positives of the November

  • A lot of new highly active viewers!
  • Drunk stream Kappa.
  • Made progress on lag issues.
  • Concurrent viewers!


  • Stream lag: This was the worst month of lag but we’re getting through it
  • Time Limitations: I was unable to stream as much as I would like. Had to do some irl stuff to make $ so I can keep streaming every day 🙂
  • MMR: going back up don’t you worry.


Aside from being insanely busy November has been incredibly fun. I am very close to finishing everything I need to get back to streaming full time and having a more solid schedule. With the Boston Major starting I will try to stream around it as much as possible. We have managed to get my internet stabilized and we are doing everything possible to eliminate stream lag. December will be a better month!

Top 10 Donators (updated)

$443.02 Bleach
$225.00 DisortedRage
$154.59 NotNox
$114.99 MajDeath
$124.94 illusionarythade
$81.00 PonglesEsquire
$55.27 iShowny
$54.00 russ3141
$50.00 KennethMcfriday
$49.48 Bubbleguns209

Thanks to everyone who donates and supports the stream. It is incredibly appreciated and a special thanks to PonglesEsquire for the wonderful package of xmas gifts 😀


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November Stats
November Stats

These stats are from the 8th to the 30th. I had a viewbot on the 7th that spiked my viewership to 1300 so it skewed the visuals of the graph. Still you guys can see stream numbers are growing!

Memorable Moments:

  • PerplexWolf wins two giveaways back to back!PerplexWolf wins second giveaway
  • Thade and DistortedRage get me drunk off my face…. That’s all we’ll say about this one 😀
  • 65 concurrent viewers organically.
  • Xmas gifts from pongles opened.
  • Casino Navetz Started 🙂

Future Plans:

I still have to take things a little slow until I have all day to stream whenever I want. I have a lot of ideas but I will share them when I have the time to focus on stream for 60 hours a week again 🙂 Just know that the stream will continue to grow and I’ll do my best to make it as entertaining and fun as possible.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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