New CPU & Motherboard Donation Goal Reached!

Donation Goal Reached

We hit the donation goal and boy does it ever:

I was expecting this goal to be hit somewhere closer to Christmas time so this blew my expectations out of the water Kappa! A LOT of people contributed to the donation goal and I’d like to thank you all for the support. I’ve put everything else on the back burner to make this stream successful and all of this support shows that we’re making progress.

One extra special thank you to my man bleach2121xxx who contributed by far the largest portion of the donations for this goal. From the times that you rage donated to the times that you outdonated to the times that you just wanted your name at the top of the donations list: Much love <3

!HeyGuys is the new official command for bleach which will be accompanied by a another command and a special emote created by Jsalv!

Gaming Laptop vs New CPU & Motherboard

Now I need to make an important decision. Should I put this money towards the new CPU & Motherboard as I had planned OR should I look for a high end gaming laptop so I can stream while I travel? It would also be beneficial for the cooking streams that I’m starting and we might be able to add other interesting streams that are not just dota with the mobility of a gaming laptop (think: backyard party stream). I have managed to alleviate most of the cpu issues by disabling my third monitor which was using the onboard graphics and some cpu, but I will still need the upgrade eventually to stream in higher quality, record in higher quality, and to be able to run more applications while I stream (moobot FeelsBadMan).


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