Navetz Stream Update January 2018

Woah it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. The holidays are officially over, my internet is starting to work slightly better around 7pm, and I feel like I’m in a good groove! Stream has been a lot of fun lately but it’s time to get a bit more serious, tryhard way more, and practice some casting because it’s fun!


I’m going to try something new for a couple weeks. Instead of having set times to start and end  my stream I’m going to do this instead:

  • Stream less frequently
  • Stream longer  (10-14 hours)

Why I do dis? Having 6-7 hour streams are okay, but they kind of suck when you compare them to a good old fashion 14 hour tryhard nevergiveup and kick some ass type stream. The reason is because near hour 9 people will start ending their day, or other people will be waking up and see that you’re still streaming. This gives a lot of room for the stream to get hyped up and for chat to get interactive.

Live-notifications discord channel

If I have to end stream because of cogeco throttling my internet or because I have some other pressing issue to take care of I’ll try to come back and complete stream. Since my stream is going to be sporadic and sometimes my internet disconnects I’m going to start the live-notifications channel again in discord. If this channel annoys you just mute it br right clicking on the channel and clicking “Mute #live-notifications”.


I’m going to take time to cast more games, starting with some ESL casting tonight!

Time & Other things

I’ve got a lot of projects going on atm. I’m into crypto currencies pretty heavily right now, going to be all about that Garlicoin soon. I’ll be mining it tonight hopefully 😀 Then there’s software development projects going on in the background, youtube videos, and rental properties. Having longer chunks of time between stream will really help me tackle my off stream tasks all at once instead of rushing to get them done before and after stream.


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