Muscle Beach

Ready to get motivated and strong? I’ve been putting the pieces together since I got back from Vancouver and I finally feel like muscle beach is complete! With the whole basement covered in green I can officially put myself on any surface I find a picture of, so in the spirit of strong I’m putting all my workout equipment on the beach. Here’s the workout equipment I’ve got so far:

  • Workout Gym with: Guided Squats, Free Squat, Bench Press, Pull System Built In, Pullup Bars, Weight Racks. Two 7ft olympic bars.
  • 600lbs of weight. Plates: 2×45 + 2×35 + 2×25 + 2×10 + 2×5 + 2×2.5
  • 25-60lb adjustable dumbbells.
  • 3 Benches – 1 regular+inclune, 1 regular+decline, 1 flat.
  • Boxing Gloves + headband with string and ball for eye hand coordination training.
  • T-Bar
  • Exercise Ball

There’s tons of room for activities now and I’ve got some pretty decent lighting! Not a bad green screen considering what it’s made of 😀

What’s new for stream?

  • New Muscle beach scene with rotatable camera!
  • Burnout Sets! Each Sub, Re-sub, or tip will get a burnout set for some exercise!
  • New notifications + effects. All new, some familiar sounds.
  • Updated Twitch Panels.
  • New bot coming soon.
  • Muscle Beach Sub Channel. If you’re a twitch sub you have access to the muscle beach sub channel on discord. Not there yet? to the footer and you can join the discord yourself or just checkout who’s in it.

Much love to all viewers, supporters, and subs <3



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