Moderator Meetings, Viewer Day Changes, Schedule and more!

Moderator Meetings, Viewer Day Changes, Schedule and more!

Adding Moderators

HeyGuys! We’ll be adding some more moderators to stream shortly! I know a lot of people want to be mod but trust me you’re better off as just a viewer! I’m going to start leaning on mods more to help with chat spam, facilitate chat activity, suggest improvements and provide feedback. That being said, anyone who asks to become a mod will be mercilessly ridiculed by chat and emote spammed <3 Ursa Mad anyone? 

Moderator Cycling

I’ll be shuffling mods monthly. We all have important things going on in life and I understand you can’t be here all the time. If I de-mod you and you come back as an active viewer you may be re-modded. Everyone is equal in the stream so it doesn’t matter if you’re a mod or not anyway!

Moderator Meetings

Every viewer day we’re going to have 15-30 min mod meeting. If you can’t attend, that’s fine, we’ll take notes and share it in a mod channel on discord.

Moderator Feelings

I’m really not looking forward to the first person to get salty when they get de-modded. E-L-E – Everybody love everybody. We’re all equal in this stream whether you’re a moderator or not!

Viewer Day Changes

We are going to start planning viewer days out to be a lot more interactive and fun. This is going to include different games! Cards Against Humanity, Quiplash, and other social games! I also want to start awarding protein to people who play well.


I will be implementing a more strict schedule! I’m almost fully settled in here in Vancouver so it’s about time we get a good schedule going so everyone knows when I’ll be on. This will be discussed in the first mod meeting (tomorrow btw). Currently I’m thinking of doing two 4 hour streams a day to reach the highest amount of viewers around the world with a 4 hour break in between for me to go be a human, or just work on behind the scene stream stuff.


I am thinking of setting up a little workout area and doing 30 min home workouts instead of doing pushups/situps after games of Dota. Not sure about this yet but I’ll definitely be trying some new things out in regards to workouts.

New Ranks

All the ranks are new!

Custom Ranks

After 700 hours watched you can assign yourself whatever custom rank you want! Start thinking everyone in the top 10!

Gamewisp Subscriber Incentives

Gamewisp Subscribers are going to start getting access to special sound effects and commands. There will be more things once I brainstorm some more!

New Emotes

They’ve been commissioned, they’re done, they’re beautiful, you’ll love them, I love them, there will be more! I should have them in a few days.

More Frequent Updates

I’ve been very busy lately with software projects, moving to Vancouver, vacations, etc. I will do my best to update stream more frequently, post on social media, and do things that will make the viewing experience better for everybody.

Staying Positive in Dota

I want to be like Grubby and Waga. Those guys are amazing. Grubby was my favorite player growing up playing Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. He was a perfect role model. We’re seeing more then our fair share of assholes in the world right now but I want to be a guy that leads by positive example. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself or other people in real life or online so sometimes I might bend a little bit but for the most part I’ll just try to quick mute and play good Dota. Good dota, bhos, wut???

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