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Cooking Chicken Cheese-Balls

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a cooking stream so I thought it’d be best to bring back a classic delicious recipe. It’ll be live on on Feb 11th 😀

How to Cook Chicken Cheese-Balls Recipe

  • 2 chicken breast
  • 2 egg
  • 30g of flour
  • 175g cheeze motzerella
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1/2 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp rosemary
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • mix in breadcrumbs
  • deep-fry in oil

I will be using 15 chicken breast instead of 2, so the ingredients naturally have to be multiplied by 7.5. I’ll probably be making a big side dish as well since this is going to be my food for the week!


Navetz Stream Update January 2018

Woah it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. The holidays are officially over, my internet is starting to work slightly better around 7pm, and I feel like I’m in a good groove! Stream has been a lot of fun lately but it’s time to get a bit more serious, tryhard way more, and practice some casting because it’s fun!


I’m going to try something new for a couple weeks. Instead of having set times to start and end  my stream I’m going to do this instead:

  • Stream less frequently
  • Stream longer  (10-14 hours)

Why I do dis? Having 6-7 hour streams are okay, but they kind of suck when you compare them to a good old fashion 14 hour tryhard nevergiveup and kick some ass type stream. The reason is because near hour 9 people will start ending their day, or other people will be waking up and see that you’re still streaming. This gives a lot of room for the stream to get hyped up and for chat to get interactive.

Live-notifications discord channel

If I have to end stream because of cogeco throttling my internet or because I have some other pressing issue to take care of I’ll try to come back and complete stream. Since my stream is going to be sporadic and sometimes my internet disconnects I’m going to start the live-notifications channel again in discord. If this channel annoys you just mute it br right clicking on the channel and clicking “Mute #live-notifications”.


I’m going to take time to cast more games, starting with some ESL casting tonight!

Time & Other things

I’ve got a lot of projects going on atm. I’m into crypto currencies pretty heavily right now, going to be all about that Garlicoin soon. I’ll be mining it tonight hopefully 😀 Then there’s software development projects going on in the background, youtube videos, and rental properties. Having longer chunks of time between stream will really help me tackle my off stream tasks all at once instead of rushing to get them done before and after stream.



Register here:

Current confirmed players for Saturday Oct 14th:

EPC_AntiMatter 6000
Gronors 6500
dota_magic_ 4800
TE55ELATOR Shitty 2k
TCGJin 187
Icdeadpeople4realz 2.5k
AntiMatter 5998
newtonslaw 2625
Swiggy_Live 2900


Sub Bosses & Giveaways – Top Donors – Viewer Day Moved!

Sub Giveaways!

I want to start hooking people up with giveaways. There will be some game giveaways and maybe in-game dota items. I haven’t fully decided how this is going to work but the first giveaway winner is russ3141 because he’s been a gamewisp sub for over 8 months now! Yes I know this isn’t a random draft giveaway, I’m just hooking up russ because he’s silently supported stream for so long.

The reason I haven’t done many giveaways in the past is because I want to build an actual community instead of getting people who only show up for giveaways.

Sub Discord Channel

It exists. I’m going to start working on making it better but for now it just exists.

!bhos – Fight a Gamewisp Boss in Chat!

All of my GameWisp subs will now be fightable in the boss fights. Invoke a boss battle by typing !bhos. The loot that the boss drops will be 300 bhosCoins x Tier(1-5). For example Bola6 is a Tier 2 sub so he would drop 600 bhoscoins if defeated!

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Become A Navetz Gamewisp Sub Here


Top Donors List -All Time & Monthly + Sub List

After each stream I’ll be updating the Monthly Donor List + Sub List. Since I just got back from Vacation we’ll do May + June for the Monthly List. The monthly list will restart on the first of the month but I’ll keep the top 10 from the previous month until there are 10 new donors. The all time top 10 list will be updated at the end of the month.

Monthly top 10 (May-Current):

1 Bigmanontrain $70.00
2 BOLA6 $59.98
3 TE55ELATOR $20.00
4 meanfatty91 $17.31
5 claeton $16.00
6 Glen_elpedes $10.00
7 SimsJeff $8.00
8 pmagamin $5.00
9 claeton $7.00
10 russ3141  $2.01


Current Sub List:

Tier 2

Tier 1

Viewer day moved! Schedule changes.

I’ve decided I need to take a full day off stream to work on improvements and relax. Viewer days are being moved to Tuesday, Saturday start time is TBA but will most likely start around 3pm PST with battlecups at 6pm PST.

12-7pm Monday
12-7pm Tuesday (Viewer Day)
12-7pm Wednesday
12-7pm Thursday
12-7pm Friday
TBD Saturday
Lazy Sunday



Text to Speech Twitch Bot : How to by Navetz

Click here to find the YouTube Video if it doesn’t load above.

Follow these easy steps to build a text to speech twitch bot:

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Create a text-to-speech directory for your bot.
  3. Open a Node Command Prompt and type cd text-to-speech.
  4. Type npm init and click enter until it’s configured.
  5. Type npm install say followed by npm install tmi.js
  6. Get your auth password for tmi.js. Make sure you’re logged in with your bot account. Oh btw you need a bot account.
  7. Open Sublime text editor and safe a new file called index.js inside of your text-to-speech directory.
  8. Paste the following code and replace your password with yours.

var tmi = require('tmi.js');
var say = require('say');

var options = {
	options: {
		debug: false
	connection: {
		cluster: "aws",
		reconnect: true
	identity: {
		username: "bhosbot",
		password: ""
	channels: ["navetz"]

var client = new tmi.client(options);

client.on("chat", function (channel, userstate, message, self) {
	say.speak(userstate.username + " says " + message);


That’s it, you now have a basic text to speech twitch bot! I’m sure a lot of you will find fun ways to extend the functionality!

If you enjoyed please subscribe on YouTube, leave comments, and come check out my twitch channel if you’re into Dota 2!

Schedule Changes – Emotes Live – Risk – Rick and Morty SFX pack – Commands

Well well well what do we have here, some new content for stream? Breakdown:

Streaming from 12pm-7pm PST

New schedule is up. Having two separate streams daily wasn’t working out so well so I’m switching the time up.

Monday: 12-7pm
Tuesday: 12-7pm
Wednesday: 12-7pm
Thursday: 12-7pm
Friday: 12-7pm
Saturday: tbd
Sunday: 12-7pm

5 Emotes Finally Approved

Checkout all the emotes here. New ones:


One new one coming soon!


Risk: Fuel for the gambling addicts

New way to gamble on stream is !risk. Win or lose bhosCoins with a slew of great random dota scenarios. Don’t forget to pay your slave. Might re-add some through gambling commands.

Rick and Morty Soundpack

20 new sound effects on stream, check them all out here. 5 of the 20 are only accessibly by GameWisp Subscribers, and they’re pretty f-ing awesome.

New games for Viewer day.

All the games from the Jackbox party packs are now available for us to play. There are a couple more too like Golf with Friends and … sorry my memory fails me.

Overall Stream Upgrades

There are a bunch of upgrades throughout stream. We now have multiple pages on this site as hubs for stream content:


Finish up commands page.
Take poll and change games to whisper command.
Plan more workout streams.
Get back to youtube content once improvements to stream quality are done.
Host more events.
Use the new node dota2 API to enhance bhosbot



They’re here to stay. R.i.p protein. FeelsBadMan :gun:

Reason for the change?

Protein is hard to use as a currency, you always have to define that it’s grams of protein. bhosCoins on the other hand are it’s own unit of measurement so it will make for better in game integration, bot replies, and overall usage of the currency.

bhosCoin the emote.

You’re going to start seeing the bhosCoin emote, it’s been submitted to frankerfacez and bttv and awaiting emote approval. Where are you going to see it? Everywhere. bhosCoin is going to start showing up in a lot of bot commands and I’ll be using them a lot 😀 You can see the bhosCoin emote here. Oh the coin is also my logo so I’m sure you can probably find it in 5 different places on this page alone.

Eulogy for Protein.

I’d like to put out a brief eulogy for our beloved protein currency.

Protein, you’ve pulled us though many sticky situations. Remember when !ding-ding-ding was only 350 grams of your muscle building, hormone altering, testosterone boosting juicy goodness? Know who members? Stream members. They member when they traded you to let the world know it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. Protein, may all of your grams be injected into our asses for all the future workouts that we’ll do on stream in your honor. R.I.P Protein.

R.I.P. Workout Session

May 16th, 2017. We’re having a workout session tomorrow to honor our protein, our lost currency. Join me at 3pm PST. 


Announcing the new text to speech command that viewers can use to “!say” messages to navetz while he’s in game.

Cost: 1 gram of protein per character.

D <  $5 = 100 grams of protein per $
D < $10 = 150 grams of protein per $
D > $10 = 200 grams of protein per $

It’s 5:53am. I’ve been brainstorming different ways to implement some custom bot functionality through our beloved bhosbot and I decided I would finally get to finish something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. One of the hardest things to do as a Dota 2 streamer is to try and effectively keep up with chat. When you’re try-harding you need every ounce of attention to gain that sweet sweet MMR so as of right now I’m introducing the new !say command which will hopefully let me have my cake and eat it too.

Viewers can now use !say and trade their precious protein for a moment of fame and glory. A text-to-speech custom built bot will read you message out loud to navetz. I expect there to be some abuse and possibly a little buggy during the first couple days of use but we’ll adapt!

During the next couple weeks I will be trying to mix up streaming strategies a bit to try and attract some new followers, stream has been a bit stagnant in growth lately so I’m going to take this opportunity to try some new things such as !say only streams and changing the way / amount I interact with viewers.

November of Navetz 2016

Remember remember the month of November when Navetz was busy as fuck.
His ISP and his MMR, dropped and they dropped and they dropped.
December is here so we look in the rear and realize is wasn’t so bad
November was our best month ever so and for that I’m overly glad 🙂

Positives of the November

  • A lot of new highly active viewers!
  • Drunk stream Kappa.
  • Made progress on lag issues.
  • Concurrent viewers!


  • Stream lag: This was the worst month of lag but we’re getting through it
  • Time Limitations: I was unable to stream as much as I would like. Had to do some irl stuff to make $ so I can keep streaming every day 🙂
  • MMR: going back up don’t you worry.


Aside from being insanely busy November has been incredibly fun. I am very close to finishing everything I need to get back to streaming full time and having a more solid schedule. With the Boston Major starting I will try to stream around it as much as possible. We have managed to get my internet stabilized and we are doing everything possible to eliminate stream lag. December will be a better month!

Top 10 Donators (updated)

$443.02 Bleach
$225.00 DisortedRage
$154.59 NotNox
$114.99 MajDeath
$124.94 illusionarythade
$81.00 PonglesEsquire
$55.27 iShowny
$54.00 russ3141
$50.00 KennethMcfriday
$49.48 Bubbleguns209

Thanks to everyone who donates and supports the stream. It is incredibly appreciated and a special thanks to PonglesEsquire for the wonderful package of xmas gifts 😀


[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”]

November Stats

November Stats

These stats are from the 8th to the 30th. I had a viewbot on the 7th that spiked my viewership to 1300 so it skewed the visuals of the graph. Still you guys can see stream numbers are growing!

Memorable Moments:

  • PerplexWolf wins two giveaways back to back!PerplexWolf wins second giveaway
  • Thade and DistortedRage get me drunk off my face…. That’s all we’ll say about this one 😀
  • 65 concurrent viewers organically.
  • Xmas gifts from pongles opened.
  • Casino Navetz Started 🙂

Future Plans:

I still have to take things a little slow until I have all day to stream whenever I want. I have a lot of ideas but I will share them when I have the time to focus on stream for 60 hours a week again 🙂 Just know that the stream will continue to grow and I’ll do my best to make it as entertaining and fun as possible.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

October 2016 Review – Fuck V-Media

If you don’t care about my internet issues just skip this months review.

My story with V-Media so far.

  • First contact VMedia on Sept 16th regarding speed issues after trying everything possible to solve the problem myself. They said they would investigate.
  • I called vmedia back on Sept 19th and vmedia said that cogeco had found an issue and it has been fixed an hour prior to my call. After that I checked my voicemail and had a recording from vmedia that was left prior to this conversation stating that there was no issues with the internet.
  • Issues persist so I called back and Vmedia said there was network congestion in our area and there would be upgrades done on the 26th of Sept. I asked Vmedia to call Cogeco to find out if upgrades would be done in my area specifically and what upgrades would be done. The technical support manager said he would do this but never called back.
  • Came back from a work conference in San Diego on oct 3rd and the internet was still not working.
  • Vmedia said Cogeco would now be doing additional network upgrades on October 26th. They said there was nothing else the could do.
  • I requested a technician be sent out and they agreed (although they did not want to at first and never suggested it).
  • Technician found corroded outdoor connections and had to replace a wire that had been chewed through by animals. I have pictures. This helped the connection slightly, but it is still highly unstable.
  • The technician showed a graph of the nodes in our area and explained that there was no congestion in my location. Vmedia continues to claim otherwise.The technician said that they would share the data about the network nodes with vmedia if it was requested. Clearly the did not even attempt to solve this.
  • The technician said that if replacing the corroded connections and the broken wires didn’t fix the internet it was likely a problem with the modem or something entirely different.
  • After speaking with multiple representative about the issues persisting they insisted they would be fixed on the 26th of October, they were not.
  • After I left a message on Thursday Oct 27th they contacted me (using the wrong secondary number on the account that I specifically told them not to call) and asked to run modem diagnostics. They had not even suggested this before and I didn’t know it was an option, I suggested it could be a modem issue because of what the technician who came told me.
  • I received a call back today Oct 31st from customer support who told me the internet speeds on their website say “up to” X Mpbs and there was nothing more they could do to fix the internet and could not continuously send out technicians to look into the problem. I insisted I needed the internet fixed and he transferred me to technical support.
  • Technical support said they would call Cogeco regarding the modem diagnostics and put my issue in high priority. They agreed to call me back on the 31st of Oct.
  • I received a call back on the 3rd of Nov and they said nothing is wrong with the modem. When asked what the errors mean they don’t know.
  • The battle continues my friends.
In addition to all of this V-Media consistently lies to me and their managers avoid calling me to fix this issue. They are too cheap to attempt to actually fix my problem or send out a technician, all they care about is their bottom line and not weather or not they’re providing a service their customers are paying for.
V-Media gets an F for fucking up so hard that I have had to contact the better business bureau and the CCTS regarding these issues.