Muscle Beach

Ready to get motivated and strong? I’ve been putting the pieces together since I got back from Vancouver and I finally feel like muscle beach is complete! With the whole basement covered in green I can officially put myself on any surface I find a picture of, so in the […]

Cooking Chicken Cheese-Balls

Cooking Chicken Cheese-Balls

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a cooking stream so I thought it’d be best to bring back a classic delicious recipe. It’ll be live on on Feb 11th 😀 How to Cook Chicken Cheese-Balls Recipe 2 chicken breast 2 egg 30g of flour 175g cheeze motzerella […]

Navetz Stream Update January 2018

Woah it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. The holidays are officially over, my internet is starting to work slightly better around 7pm, and I feel like I’m in a good groove! Stream has been a lot of fun lately but it’s time to get a bit […]


Register here: Current confirmed players for Saturday Oct 14th: EPC_AntiMatter 6000 Gronors 6500 dota_magic_ 4800 TE55ELATOR Shitty 2k TCGJin 187 Icdeadpeople4realz 2.5k AntiMatter 5998 newtonslaw 2625 Swiggy_Live 2900 MissVictoryStar

Sub Bosses & Giveaways – Top Donors – Viewer Day Moved!

Sub Giveaways! I want to start hooking people up with giveaways. There will be some game giveaways and maybe in-game dota items. I haven’t fully decided how this is going to work but the first giveaway winner is russ3141 because he’s been a gamewisp sub for over 8 months now! Yes […]

Text to Speech Twitch Bot : How to by Navetz

Click here to find the YouTube Video if it doesn’t load above. Follow these easy steps to build a text to speech twitch bot: Install Node.js Create a text-to-speech directory for your bot. Open a Node Command Prompt and type cd text-to-speech. Type npm init and click enter until it’s […]

Schedule Changes – Emotes Live – Risk – Rick and Morty SFX pack – Commands

Well well well what do we have here, some new content for stream? Breakdown: Streaming from 12pm-7pm PST New schedule is up. Having two separate streams daily wasn’t working out so well so I’m switching the time up. Monday: 12-7pm Tuesday: 12-7pm Wednesday: 12-7pm Thursday: 12-7pm Friday: 12-7pm Saturday: tbd Sunday: 12-7pm 5 Emotes Finally Approved […]


bhosCoin Banner

They’re here to stay. R.i.p protein. FeelsBadMan :gun: Reason for the change? Protein is hard to use as a currency, you always have to define that it’s grams of protein. bhosCoins on the other hand are it’s own unit of measurement so it will make for better in game integration, […]


Announcing the new text to speech command that viewers can use to “!say” messages to navetz while he’s in game. Cost: 1 gram of protein per character. Shameless:  D <  $5 = 100 grams of protein per $ D < $10 = 150 grams of protein per $ D > […]

November of Navetz 2016

Remember remember the month of November when Navetz was busy as fuck. His ISP and his MMR, dropped and they dropped and they dropped. December is here so we look in the rear and realize is wasn’t so bad November was our best month ever so and for that I’m […]