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They’re here to stay. R.i.p protein. FeelsBadMan :gun:

Reason for the change?

Protein is hard to use as a currency, you always have to define that it’s grams of protein. bhosCoins on the other hand are it’s own unit of measurement so it will make for better in game integration, bot replies, and overall usage of the currency.

bhosCoin the emote.

You’re going to start seeing the bhosCoin emote, it’s been submitted to frankerfacez and bttv and awaiting emote approval. Where are you going to see it? Everywhere. bhosCoin is going to start showing up in a lot of bot commands and I’ll be using them a lot 😀 You can see the bhosCoin emote here. Oh the coin is also my logo so I’m sure you can probably find it in 5 different places on this page alone.

Eulogy for Protein.

I’d like to put out a brief eulogy for our beloved protein currency.

Protein, you’ve pulled us though many sticky situations. Remember when !ding-ding-ding was only 350 grams of your muscle building, hormone altering, testosterone boosting juicy goodness? Know who members? Stream members. They member when they traded you to let the world know it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. Protein, may all of your grams be injected into our asses for all the future workouts that we’ll do on stream in your honor. R.I.P Protein.

R.I.P. Workout Session

May 16th, 2017. We’re having a workout session tomorrow to honor our protein, our lost currency. Join me at 3pm PST. 

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