Hippy Halloween Photoshoot 5 – Xtraordinary Photography

Hippy Halloween Photoshoot Xtraordinary Photography 007

Hippy Halloween Photoshoot Photos

Project Details

After having to cancel our first shoot on Halloween we got lucky with nice weather the next day and ended up with these spectacular pictures!


Xtraordinary Photography


Jackson Park

Android Box Free Alternative: Chromecast and an Android Phone or Tablet

Hey guys, recently I wrote this article on how to watch free movies with Genesis and Kodi. Today I’m here to teach you how to completely replace your android box and use a Chromecast and your android phone to watch movies on your big screen for free (assuming you already have a Chromecast). You’ll need to follow the other article first and setup Kodi with Genesis on your Android phone/tablet before you do this one.

What you need for your Android Box Free Alternative:

Now just follow the video tutorial and you’ll be able to watch your genesis videos from your phone straight to your TV.

How it works:

After you place PlayerFactoryCore.xml in the proper folder it tells Kodi to open videos with Localcast instead of using it’s default player. When you open of of the videos with Localcast it gives you the ability to connect this video stream to your Chromecast. ESFileExplorer is just there to help you move the PlayerFactoryCore.xml file.

Video Tutorial:

Note: Sometimes your Chromecast will tell you that it can’t play the video codec of something you’re trying to cast from Genesis. If this happens just try one of the other sources in the list. I haven’t ever had to try more than three before getting a working stream.

Warning: Doing this will make your phone/tablet always try to cast Genesis videos. If you don’t want to cast then move the PlayerFactoryCore.xml to another folder.

Ottawa Street 100 Year Anniversary Fashion Show!

I just found some of these photos taken by Windsors Got Talent. Some very cool shots from my first fashion show.

Things I learned during my first show:

  • Organized chaos is a real thing.
  • I do not envy event organizers.
  • Madness can be extremely fun.
  • It’s an amazing way to make friends and network!
  • People changing during a fashion show is like tires get rotated during a NASCAR pit-stop.

I had an incredible time during my first show, looking forward to my next one!


After just finding some of the photos from the Ottawa St 100 Year Anniversary Fashion Show, Katherine Sims has sent over about 400 new photos!

Navetz Photos
All Photos

Navetz Photos

All Photos:

Free Movies With Genesis And Kodi – How To



Kodi is open source home entertainment software. You know when you turn on your Playstation and navigate through the menu’s to either watch a video, play music, or play a game? We’ll Kodi is sort of like that menu system with all the tools to play your media. Click here to find out more about Kodi.

Description directly from Kodi’s website:

Kodi™ (formerly known as XBMC™) is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Kodi runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet. Our forums and Wiki are bursting with knowledge and help for the new user right up to the application developer. We also have helpful Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube pages.


The genesis addon is basically a Netflix like movie viewer that’s free. You can sort movies by Most Popular, Newest, Top Rated, etc or search.

Oh and since Genesis basically aggregates a bunch of third party links for Kodi to play, you can get movies as soon as they’re out in theaters, sometimes before.

How to Watch Free Movies with Genesis and Kodi

  1. Go to the Kodi website and download Kodi for your device.
  2. Next let’s install Genesis, You’ll need to download the lambda repo zip file (Click here to download zip) and install it in Kodi. Go to System > Add-ons > Install from zip file.
  3. Once the repo is installed, you must go to Get Add-ons > lambda Add-on repository > Video Add-ons > Genesis > Install.

Now you’ve got Genesis installed! To use it just go to the Video tab in Kodi -> Add-ons -> Genesis.

Visual Sports SwingTrack Golf Simulator

Visual Sports has created SwingTrack which is a a highly accurate, fun and easy to use golf simulator. I don’t golf regularly but I’m about to start now!

Technical Highlights

There’s a reason these guys are the best in the business.

Golfers can precisely measure:Golf Simualtor Tracking

  • Drive distance
  • Launch angle
  • Backspin
  • Club head speed
  • Ball carry
  • Ball trajectory
  • Ball direction
  • Ball speed
  • Side spin
  • Club face angle
  • Club head path
  • Swing Path

Hands on with the SwingTrack Golf Simulator

I’m not a golfer but I am a competitive athlete and I can tell you right away that the SwingTrack golf simulator will have you playing over and over again. I can confidently say I left my photoshoot a better golfer than when I arrived and if I had a few more days with this thing I’d probably start playing golf every weekend.

From a software developers perspective this thing is beautiful. The fact that it is able to accurately measure hits at such fast speeds is remarkable. The interface is easy to use and the touchscreen interface worked flawlessly unlike many other windows based touch screen solutions I’ve seen in the past.

Go Play

My photoshoot to demo the SwingTrack Golf Simulator was at Silver Tee Golf and Virtual Gaming Center. It’s 35/hr to rent one and half price on Sundays. If you’re looking for a fun thing to do with your friends I highly recommend giving this a shot!

Pictures from the shoot will be up as soon as I have them!

Digitals Photoshoot 3 – Xtraordinary Photography

Navetz Digital - XtraOrdinary Photography 001 Featured Image 750px wide

Project Details

Vito at Xtraordinary Photography did a great job taking my “digitals” so I can send them to modeling agencies. I think you’re only suppose to pick one but I’m not sure when would be the most appropriate. Luckily I’ve asked a couple friends for their opinion so I’ll add to my portfolio based on their advice.

I had a nice long workout before the shoot so I would look lean and athletic. I’ve always been in good physical shape and I like that fact that I have something to work towards at the weight room. For me working out is just another form of competition but for the most part I am competing with myself. If I was hired to do an athletic shoot it would give me all the more reason to bust ass in they gym and produce high quality shots.

I think I need to do an athletic shoot soon because these digitals don’t show off a lot of my definition, which is fine because they’re suppose to be natural images. I think my favorite one is the picture of me smiling but I’m pretty sure you’re not suppose to have any facial expressions for these images.


Xtraordinary Photography


Xtraordinary Photography

Digitals Photoshoot Photos

Construction House Photoshoot 7 – Alex Muntean

Navetz - Construction House Photoshoot 7 - Alex Muntean FEATURED IMAGE

Project Details

The construction house photoshoot is a strong contender for my favorite shoot to date but I think we need a little backstory.

Where is this house?

This is actually my house that I just bought to flip. It’s in rough shape but construction is already in progress.

The windows are boarded up, how did you get lighting?

My brother is a professional video game streamer – xwater. He has a green screen set up behind his desk and professional lights around for the best lighting possible while he streams. During this photoshoot he let us burrow his lights.

What was the purpose of this photoshoot?

We tried to make this photoshoot look like I was doing some work around the house. It was probably more exhausting to fake work then the actual work I’m doing on the house now.

The featured image at the top of this post was actually taken as a joke when I was screaming at Alex to be funny but it turned out fantastic! I also like this shoot because it’s the first time I get to show off some strength. At some point I’ll have to do a fitness shoot in a gym. I was doing a fitting for a fashion show yesterday and the ladies looking at me (just wearign a t-shirt and shorts) said I had a “small” frame which is perfect for me to hear because models are usually thin. Since my muscle is natural I can fit into a lot of stylish outfits but when I get a pump going I can do athletic shoots. I hope that makes me multi-dimensional!


Alex Muntean


Howard Ave,
Windsor Ontario

Construction House Photoshoot Photos

Graffiti Photoshoot 6 – Alex Muntean

Navetz - Graffiti Photoshoot 6 - Alex Muntean Featured Image

Project Details

Another day another adventure! Today Alex and I took a little stroll down some back alleys on Oullette street in Windsor Ontario to get some good shots for our graffiti photoshoot. I want to talk about one piece of art that caught my eye, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot it. I’m talking about the graffiti with bambie shitting out bambie, some giant face puking out a bunny that loves you, and some cute Pikachu in the background. I have no idea why this exists, but I’m happy it does!

I was messing around with my facial expressions a little bit to much in this shoot but I actually like they way they turned out, contrary to other opinions lol. I do however need to work on relaxing a bit more and looking more natural, but I’ll get there.

I hope you enjoy some of these photos, we were able to capture a lot of interesting pieces of art throughout the city. You’ll also notice some duplicate images. Pictures 1-19 were edited by yours truly and pictures 20-30 were done be Alex Muntean. Oh and the last pic with the planes in the background was at Jackson Park while we were waiting to pick up some delicious Cheese Wheelz Pizza 🙂


Alex Muntean


Ouellette Avenue Ally.
Windsor Ontario

Graffiti Photoshoot Photos

Overpass Photoshoot 5 – Alex Muntean

Navetz - Overpass Photoshoot 4 - Alex Muntean FEATURED IMAGE

Project Details

The overpass photoshoot was quick and dirty. I was a bit unprepared and Alex complained about his camera again haha. I actually spent most of my time before the shoot playing a game of Dota 2 with my friend Khalid. When Alex arrived we rushed out and Khalid called me because he happened to be driving down the same highway the overpass was on, minutes later!

I don’t dislike any of the pictures in particular but I also don’t feel that positively about any of them. I guess having a couple different filter looks is kind of cool, and the overpass did a good job producing a different look.

Alex had a few ideas for interesting shots but he couldn’t get the picture he wanted with his current camera. I think every shoot he finds another reason to convince himself to buy a new camera haha. We were hoping to get a shot in the middle of the overpass, zoomed in on my face with the background side of each highway out of focus and maybe a blurred light streaking through from a car passing by. One day we might try again.


Alex Muntean


Highway Overpass

Overpass Photoshoot Photos