October 2016 Review – Fuck V-Media

If you don’t care about my internet issues just skip this months review.

My story with V-Media so far.

  • First contact VMedia on Sept 16th regarding speed issues after trying everything possible to solve the problem myself. They said they would investigate.
  • I called vmedia back on Sept 19th and vmedia said that cogeco had found an issue and it has been fixed an hour prior to my call. After that I checked my voicemail and had a recording from vmedia that was left prior to this conversation stating that there was no issues with the internet.
  • Issues persist so I called back and Vmedia said there was network congestion in our area and there would be upgrades done on the 26th of Sept. I asked Vmedia to call Cogeco to find out if upgrades would be done in my area specifically and what upgrades would be done. The technical support manager said he would do this but never called back.
  • Came back from a work conference in San Diego on oct 3rd and the internet was still not working.
  • Vmedia said Cogeco would now be doing additional network upgrades on October 26th. They said there was nothing else the could do.
  • I requested a technician be sent out and they agreed (although they did not want to at first and never suggested it).
  • Technician found corroded outdoor connections and had to replace a wire that had been chewed through by animals. I have pictures. This helped the connection slightly, but it is still highly unstable.
  • The technician showed a graph of the nodes in our area and explained that there was no congestion in my location. Vmedia continues to claim otherwise.The technician said that they would share the data about the network nodes with vmedia if it was requested. Clearly the did not even attempt to solve this.
  • The technician said that if replacing the corroded connections and the broken wires didn’t fix the internet it was likely a problem with the modem or something entirely different.
  • After speaking with multiple representative about the issues persisting they insisted they would be fixed on the 26th of October, they were not.
  • After I left a message on Thursday Oct 27th they contacted me (using the wrong secondary number on the account that I specifically told them not to call) and asked to run modem diagnostics. They had not even suggested this before and I didn’t know it was an option, I suggested it could be a modem issue because of what the technician who came told me.
  • I received a call back today Oct 31st from customer support who told me the internet speeds on their website say “up to” X Mpbs and there was nothing more they could do to fix the internet and could not continuously send out technicians to look into the problem. I insisted I needed the internet fixed and he transferred me to technical support.
  • Technical support said they would call Cogeco regarding the modem diagnostics and put my issue in high priority. They agreed to call me back on the 31st of Oct.
  • I received a call back on the 3rd of Nov and they said nothing is wrong with the modem. When asked what the errors mean they don’t know.
  • The battle continues my friends.
In addition to all of this V-Media consistently lies to me and their managers avoid calling me to fix this issue. They are too cheap to attempt to actually fix my problem or send out a technician, all they care about is their bottom line and not weather or not they’re providing a service their customers are paying for.
V-Media gets an F for fucking up so hard that I have had to contact the better business bureau and the CCTS regarding these issues.


September Review and Plans for October

September is in the books and I couldn’t be happier that I get to start October with functional internet! Or at least it’s suppose to be, only time will tell.

For the month of September we managed to hit improvements in most streaming numbers, but most importantly we improved on concurrent viewers.

Positives of the September

  • Amazing birthday stream -> a hair cut to remember.
  • Dota improvements (knowledge and skill)
  • Various stream enhancements including a new i7-6700k CPU + mobo + 16gigs of ram! New sound effects and commands added as well.
  • Great community engagement!
  • Viewer days are getting better!


  • Stream lag: unfortunately my ISP let me down hard this month. I had to cancel numerous streams and alter streaming times based on bad internet service (Cogeco I’m looking at you)
  • Slow growth: likely caused by internet issues, but the growth was slower than prior months and I need to work harder to promote the stream
  • Hard to reintroduce fitness to the stream but don’t you worry I have a plan 😉
  • AnalyticsStream Hatchet (analytics for twitch) went down without a word from anyone until the day of twitchcon, basically no stats tracked for all of Sept

Improvements and Changes!

  • Schedule. I’ll do my best to always have an accurate schedule posted or let you know the day before if there will be changes
  • New Stream Production Mode – Dota stream time will be limited to 6 hours a day. Afterwards I will switch to a two creative stream thats dedicated time for me to work on the stream. I’ll be in discord and I’ll still have chat up but I will be working on engaging with other streamers, connecting via social media, and any other stream improvements I can do during this time.
  • Content Creation! I’ll be starting a YouTube and twitch series called: Heros of Dota. Each day I’ll release a new video.
  • New games! Wait what??? Navetz playing something other than dota 2? This isnt something I necessarily want to do becsuse I still have so much improving to do with dota but I need to start bringing other viewers to my stream. We’ll be adding some party/social games to our repertoire. If I lose thee games of Dota in a row we’ll instantly switch to something I can play with viewers. I may also plan Additional games but if I do you’ll know about it ahead of time.
  • Fitness reintegration! From now on we’ll build up to fitness time. It will be scheduled for a certain time during each stream with a countdown displayed on stream so people know when we’re switching to workout mode!
  • Developing code for stream. Bouncing a lot of ideas around right now but I’ll be building a custom bot to make stream more interactive.
  • New graphics and overlays: coming soon! (Emotes too)
  • More SFX!
  • New ways to use protein! Will be part of the new bot 🙂
  • Timers: We’re going to start using on screen timers in a big way! Example: Time until fitness stream: 6hr25min. Cooking Stream Begins in: 4.5hrs. Playing new game in: 2hrs!

Pondering these Ideas

  • Vlogs if there is any interest
  • Beginning to contact companies for sponsorships
  • Building social media bots

Update: Stream Hatchet relanched and I have statistics to share.

Average Viewership
As you can see viewership wasn’t bad considering how poor my internet connection was for the month!


New followers
Follower rates were much slower. again I think this is because new viewers would leave once the stream started buffering.

August 2016 Navetz Stream Recap

Well august is done so lets do a little post month summary to talk about how things are going! We started out rough because the international was definitely worth watching over my stream but afterwards we settled back to normal. Stream numbers were a bit lower for a while so I just tried to stream as often as possible to make sure people looking for a new streamer could find one.

Oh and there was that time I was top dota 2 streamer after the finals of the international but then my internet went out ……………………… :*(

Numbers Analysis – these stats are from the 18th until the 31st because I didn’t start using streamhatchet to track my data until then.

Average Viewers Per hour

Average Viewers Per Hour


We’ve got a nice little summary here to show what the stream is like during different times of the day.

Average Viewership

Average Viewership

These numbers were actually HIGHER before the international, I’ll keep working hard to get them back up. We have organically reached in the 40’s for viewers one time so that’s pretty cool too 😀

New Followers


Follower numbers are actually starting to dip quite a bit but that’s okay, it just means I need to stay persistent!

Notable Stream Stuff

3.5k MMR – Yes I’m finally getting kind of maybe a little bit good at Dota 2! I’ve been having a lot of fun improving and playing this fantastic game.

Cooking Stream – Yes that’s right, I’ve started doing a weekly cooking stream. Cheesy chicken balls have never tasted so good.

Social Media All Updated – We now have facebook.com/navetz  set up as my gaming facebook page along with http://twitter.com/navetz and http://plus.google.com/+navetz

Youtube Welcome Video – I swear I don’t drink hair gel. http://youtube.com/navetz

Fan Made Meme Gallery – Holy fuck I love this: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1191490724246516.1073741829.1185722838156638&type=1&l=09b23bab6f

And some other stuff that I can’t remember right now.

For all the donations. Thanks!!! A shout out to some of the biggest financial supports of the stream.

Top 10 D’s of all time.

$443.02 Bleach
$154.59 NotNox
$114.99 MajDeath
$55.27 iShowny
$50.00 KennethMcfriday
$49.48 Bubbleguns209
$47.65 xCross_Gaming
$38.37 Teggan
$37.00 Miss_catrin
$36.50 Illusionarythade

Top 10 D’s from august.


<3 for anyone who donated but isn’t listed <3

An equally big thank you to everyone who simply takes the time to watch me play video games! Onto September which means……

BIRTHDAY STREAM EVENT AND HOPEFULLY 1000 FOLLOWER CELEBRATION! – Friday Sept 9th starting at 10am and going until midnight on Sept 10th (MY BIRTHDAY). Event planning has begun, expect great fun 🙂

New CPU & Motherboard Donation Goal Reached!

Donation Goal Reached

We hit the donation goal and boy does it ever:

I was expecting this goal to be hit somewhere closer to Christmas time so this blew my expectations out of the water Kappa! A LOT of people contributed to the donation goal and I’d like to thank you all for the support. I’ve put everything else on the back burner to make this stream successful and all of this support shows that we’re making progress.

One extra special thank you to my man bleach2121xxx who contributed by far the largest portion of the donations for this goal. From the times that you rage donated to the times that you outdonated to the times that you just wanted your name at the top of the donations list: Much love <3

!HeyGuys is the new official command for bleach which will be accompanied by a another command and a special emote created by Jsalv!

Gaming Laptop vs New CPU & Motherboard

Now I need to make an important decision. Should I put this money towards the new CPU & Motherboard as I had planned OR should I look for a high end gaming laptop so I can stream while I travel? It would also be beneficial for the cooking streams that I’m starting and we might be able to add other interesting streams that are not just dota with the mobility of a gaming laptop (think: backyard party stream). I have managed to alleviate most of the cpu issues by disabling my third monitor which was using the onboard graphics and some cpu, but I will still need the upgrade eventually to stream in higher quality, record in higher quality, and to be able to run more applications while I stream (moobot FeelsBadMan).



3.5K Successful Celebration

Thanks for helping me celebrate the 3.5k MMR with lots of fireball, memes and donations Kappa

Here are some of the glorious memes 🙂

Navetz 4 the win
Traddish Navetz
Finally Tradish & Fireball

Thanks for the fantastic stream guys. I’ll make a highlight video for the next one after I figure out how to use them properly 🙂

Donators <3

  • majdeath
  • Bleach
  • HumbleSloth
  • mergzjao
  • Teggan
  • Claeton


The night ended with a wild adventure after stream:

Domestic Bliss Maraviela Photoshoot

Domestic Bliss Maraviela Photoshoot

Project Details

Domestic Bliss: Strong, powerful, bold; high fashion done with class.

Downtown Windsor Photoshoot 1 – Em.G Photo Design

Navetz Downtown Windsor Photoshoot Em g photo design 001

Downtown Windsor Photoshoot Photos

Project Details

Em and I met earlier in September at a fashion show you might remember! It took me months to learn that she’s not only a model but also an amazing photographer. Check out some of these shots we got from our first expedition.


Em.G Photo Design


Downtown Windsor

Social Media

Em.G Photo Design Facebook Page

Night Shots Toronto Photoshoot 1 – Photo Riot

Night Shots Toronto Photoshoot Photos

Project Details

A last minute shoot booked on my trip to Toronto with Photo Riot. The lighting gave us some trouble and my expressions were off but we did get some photos! I’ve also been trying to limit the number of shots per photoshoot to only the few I like best so many didn’t make it into this post.


Photo Riot


Downtown Toronto

Social Media

Photo Riot Instagram

Downtown Detroit Photoshoot 1 – Preppyman Photography

Downtown Detroit Photoshoot 1 Preppyman Photography 008

Downtown Detroit Photoshoot Photos

Project Details

First time shooting in downtown Detroit and my first shoot with Preppyman Photography. I am very impressed with the quality of these photos. Outstanding work from Preppyman, from the shot selection to the crops/edits.


Preppyman Photography


Downtown Detroit

Social Media

Preppyman Photography Instagram

Preppyman Photography Twitter