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May 2017

Schedule Changes – Emotes Live – Risk – Rick and Morty SFX pack – Commands


Well well well what do we have here, some new content for stream? Breakdown: Streaming from 12pm-7pm PST New schedule is up. Having two separate streams daily wasn't working out so well so I'm switching the time up. Monday: 12-7pm Tuesday: 12-7pm Wednesday: 12-7pm Thursday: 12-7pm Friday: 12-7pm Saturday: tbd Sunday: 12-7pm 5 Emotes Finally Approved Checkout all the emotes here. [...]



They're here to stay. R.i.p protein. FeelsBadMan :gun: Reason for the change? Protein is hard to use as a currency, you always have to define that it's grams of protein. bhosCoins on the other hand are it's own unit of measurement so it will make for better in game integration, bot replies, and overall usage [...]

Moderator Meetings, Viewer Day Changes, Schedule and more!


Adding Moderators HeyGuys! We'll be adding some more moderators to stream shortly! I know a lot of people want to be mod but trust me you're better off as just a viewer! I'm going to start leaning on mods more to help with chat spam, facilitate chat activity, suggest improvements and provide feedback. That being [...]

March 2017



Announcing the new text to speech command that viewers can use to “!say” messages to navetz while he’s in game. Cost: 1 gram of protein per character. Shameless:  D <  $5 = 100 grams of protein per $ D < $10 = 150 grams of protein per $ D > $10 = 200 grams of [...]

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016 Review – Fuck V-Media


If you don't care about my internet issues just skip this months review. My story with V-Media so far. First contact VMedia on Sept 16th regarding speed issues after trying everything possible to solve the problem myself. They said they would investigate. I called vmedia back on Sept 19th and vmedia said that cogeco had [...]

October 2016

September Review and Plans for October


September is in the books and I couldn't be happier that I get to start October with functional internet! Or at least it's suppose to be, only time will tell. For the month of September we managed to hit improvements in most streaming numbers, but most importantly we improved on concurrent viewers. Positives of the [...]

September 2016

Friday Sept 9th @ 10am EST – Birthday Stream + 1000 Follower Hype!!!


When: Friday Sept 9th @ 10am EST until Sept 10th 2am EST Where: Why: Celebrating over 20000 views + 1000 followers + my birthday + maybe some extras ;) The stream is growing and I'm incredibly excited! More Details to follow soon.