August 2016 Navetz Stream Recap

Well august is done so lets do a little post month summary to talk about how things are going! We started out rough because the international was definitely worth watching over my stream but afterwards we settled back to normal. Stream numbers were a bit lower for a while so I just tried to stream as often as possible to make sure people looking for a new streamer could find one.

Oh and there was that time I was top dota 2 streamer after the finals of the international but then my internet went out ……………………… :*(

Numbers Analysis – these stats are from the 18th until the 31st because I didn’t start using streamhatchet to track my data until then.

Average Viewers Per hour

Average Viewers Per Hour


We’ve got a nice little summary here to show what the stream is like during different times of the day.

Average Viewership

Average Viewership

These numbers were actually HIGHER before the international, I’ll keep working hard to get them back up. We have organically reached in the 40’s for viewers one time so that’s pretty cool too 😀

New Followers


Follower numbers are actually starting to dip quite a bit but that’s okay, it just means I need to stay persistent!

Notable Stream Stuff

3.5k MMR – Yes I’m finally getting kind of maybe a little bit good at Dota 2! I’ve been having a lot of fun improving and playing this fantastic game.

Cooking Stream – Yes that’s right, I’ve started doing a weekly cooking stream. Cheesy chicken balls have never tasted so good.

Social Media All Updated – We now have  set up as my gaming facebook page along with and

Youtube Welcome Video – I swear I don’t drink hair gel.

Fan Made Meme Gallery – Holy fuck I love this:

And some other stuff that I can’t remember right now.

For all the donations. Thanks!!! A shout out to some of the biggest financial supports of the stream.

Top 10 D’s of all time.

$443.02 Bleach
$154.59 NotNox
$114.99 MajDeath
$55.27 iShowny
$50.00 KennethMcfriday
$49.48 Bubbleguns209
$47.65 xCross_Gaming
$38.37 Teggan
$37.00 Miss_catrin
$36.50 Illusionarythade

Top 10 D’s from august.


<3 for anyone who donated but isn’t listed <3

An equally big thank you to everyone who simply takes the time to watch me play video games! Onto September which means……

BIRTHDAY STREAM EVENT AND HOPEFULLY 1000 FOLLOWER CELEBRATION! – Friday Sept 9th starting at 10am and going until midnight on Sept 10th (MY BIRTHDAY). Event planning has begun, expect great fun 🙂

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