Android Box Free Alternative: Chromecast and an Android Phone or Tablet

Hey guys, recently I wrote this article on how to watch free movies with Genesis and Kodi. Today I’m here to teach you how to completely replace your android box and use a Chromecast and your android phone to watch movies on your big screen for free (assuming you already have a Chromecast). You’ll need to follow the other article first and setup Kodi with¬†Genesis on your Android phone/tablet before you do this one.

What you need for your Android Box Free Alternative:

Now just follow the video tutorial and you’ll be able to watch your genesis videos from your phone straight to your TV.

How it works:

After you place PlayerFactoryCore.xml in the proper folder it tells Kodi to open videos with Localcast instead of using it’s default player. When you open of of the videos with Localcast it gives you the ability to connect this video stream to your Chromecast. ESFileExplorer is just there to help you move the PlayerFactoryCore.xml file.

Video Tutorial:

Note: Sometimes your Chromecast will tell you that it can’t play the video codec of something you’re trying to cast from Genesis. If this happens just try one of the other sources in the list. I haven’t ever had to try more than three before getting a working stream.

Warning: Doing this will make your phone/tablet always try to cast Genesis videos. If you don’t want to cast then move the¬†PlayerFactoryCore.xml to another folder.

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