Base Rate Regular bonus (+50 hrs) Subscriber Bonus Gamewisp Subscriber Bonus
5 / 5min 2 / 5min TBD 5 * Tier Level / 5min

Tips/Donations for bhosCoins

Since we have two bots, both will give you some bhosCoins when you tip the stream!

bhosBot will give you:

Tip <  $5 = 100 bhosCoins / $1
Tip < $10 = 150 bhosCoins / $1
Tip > $10 = 200 bhosCoins / $1

navetzBot will give you:

100 bhosCoins / $1

What can I do with bhosCoins?

!say text-to-speech bot

1 bhosCoin per character including whitespaces!

!say is a custom text-to-speech bot I wrote for stream. Your message will be read out loud and displayed on screen. Abusing say bot = banned! Usage: !say read this message out loud.


5000 bhosCoins

Party Dota 2 Game

Invoke a party game using the !party-time sound effect. You + up to 3 of your friends!


2500 bhosCoins

Pick my hero!

The game will be unranked since I pick to win when playing ranked!


1800 bhosCoins

Social Games!

Pick one Social Game of your choosing and we’ll play a round!


500 bhosCoins


Drop down and give me 50 pushups!


Sound Effects – Some are cheap, some are expensive. Full list here.

Song requests & more. Request songs (5 bhosCoins), vote to skip (100 bhosCoins but you need two votes), veto (500 bhosCoins).

Games & other commands! Found on the commands page. Fight bosses, challenge people, bet on dota games and more!

The infamous !ding-ding-ding : 1100 bhosCoins

DistortedRage has made the ding infamous in stream. He put fourth most of the gwap for the tip goal: free ding stream. To all of you people who made my ears bleed for a solid 8 hours, I hate you. That is all.

Eulogy for Protein.

I’d like to put out a brief eulogy for our beloved protein currency.

Protein, you’ve pulled us though many sticky situations. Remember when !ding-ding-ding was only 350 grams of your muscle building, hormone altering, testosterone boosting juicy goodness? Know who members? Stream members. They member when they traded you to let the world know it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. Protein, may all of your grams be injected into our asses for all the future workouts that we’ll do on stream in your honor. R.I.P Protein.