NavetzStreamer - Model - Software Developer - Real Estate Investor
Welcome to my website! This place is a hub of all the public things I do. It’ll mostly consist of stream related and modelling content because that’s what I spend the majority of my time doing.

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Announcement: Less Stream Time

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Alright here's the deal, until early May I am going to have to reduce stream time about 50%. I would love to stream every day but our stream isn't big enough to support all my [...]

Monkey King Arcana Giveaway

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To be eligible to win the Monkey King Arcana you must: Follow me on twitch: http://twitch.tv/navetz Have a minimum of 5 hours watch time recorded. Type !protein in my twitch chat to see your stats. [...]

November of Navetz 2016

Categories: Monthly Review, Stream|

Remember remember the month of November when Navetz was busy as fuck. His ISP and his MMR, dropped and they dropped and they dropped. December is here so we look in the rear and realize [...]

October 2016 Review – Fuck V-Media

Categories: Monthly Review, Stream|

If you don't care about my internet issues just skip this months review. My story with V-Media so far. First contact VMedia on Sept 16th regarding speed issues after trying everything possible to solve the [...]

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