NavetzStreamer - Model - Software Developer - Real Estate Investor
Welcome to my website! This place is a hub of all the public things I do. It’ll mostly consist of stream related and modelling content because that’s what I spend the majority of my time doing.

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Friday Sept 9th @ 10am EST – Birthday Stream + 1000 Follower Hype!!!

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When: Friday Sept 9th @ 10am EST until Sept 10th 2am EST Where: http://twitch.tv/navetz Why: Celebrating over 20000 views + 1000 followers + my birthday + maybe some extras ;) The stream is growing and I'm incredibly [...]

August 2016 Navetz Stream Recap

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Well august is done so lets do a little post month summary to talk about how things are going! We started out rough because the international was definitely worth watching over my stream but afterwards we [...]

New CPU & Motherboard Donation Goal Reached!

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We hit the donation goal and boy does it ever: I was expecting this goal to be hit somewhere closer to Christmas time so this blew my expectations out of the water Kappa! A LOT [...]

3.5K Successful Celebration

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Thanks for helping me celebrate the 3.5k MMR with lots of fireball, memes and donations Kappa Here are some of the glorious memes :) Navetz 4 the win Traddish Navetz [...]

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