Muscle Beach

Ready to get motivated and strong? I’ve been putting the pieces together since I got back from Vancouver and I finally feel like muscle beach is complete! With the whole basement covered in green I can officially put myself on any surface I find a picture of, so in the […]

Cooking Chicken Cheese-Balls

Cooking Chicken Cheese-Balls

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a cooking stream so I thought it’d be best to bring back a classic delicious recipe. It’ll be live on on Feb 11th 😀 How to Cook Chicken Cheese-Balls Recipe 2 chicken breast 2 egg 30g of flour 175g cheeze motzerella […]

Navetz Stream Update January 2018

Woah it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. The holidays are officially over, my internet is starting to work slightly better around 7pm, and I feel like I’m in a good groove! Stream has been a lot of fun lately but it’s time to get a bit […]


Register here: Current confirmed players for Saturday Oct 14th: EPC_AntiMatter 6000 Gronors 6500 dota_magic_ 4800 TE55ELATOR Shitty 2k TCGJin 187 Icdeadpeople4realz 2.5k AntiMatter 5998 newtonslaw 2625 Swiggy_Live 2900 MissVictoryStar

Sub Bosses & Giveaways – Top Donors – Viewer Day Moved!

Sub Giveaways! I want to start hooking people up with giveaways. There will be some game giveaways and maybe in-game dota items. I haven’t fully decided how this is going to work but the first giveaway winner is russ3141 because he’s been a gamewisp sub for over 8 months now! Yes […]

Text to Speech Twitch Bot : How to by Navetz

Click here to find the YouTube Video if it doesn’t load above. Follow these easy steps to build a text to speech twitch bot: Install Node.js Create a text-to-speech directory for your bot. Open a Node Command Prompt and type cd text-to-speech. Type npm init and click enter until it’s […]

Schedule Changes – Emotes Live – Risk – Rick and Morty SFX pack – Commands

Well well well what do we have here, some new content for stream? Breakdown: Streaming from 12pm-7pm PST New schedule is up. Having two separate streams daily wasn’t working out so well so I’m switching the time up. Monday: 12-7pm Tuesday: 12-7pm Wednesday: 12-7pm Thursday: 12-7pm Friday: 12-7pm Saturday: tbd Sunday: 12-7pm 5 Emotes Finally Approved […]


bhosCoin Banner

They’re here to stay. R.i.p protein. FeelsBadMan :gun: Reason for the change? Protein is hard to use as a currency, you always have to define that it’s grams of protein. bhosCoins on the other hand are it’s own unit of measurement so it will make for better in game integration, […]

Moderator Meetings, Viewer Day Changes, Schedule and more!

Moderator Meetings, Viewer Day Changes, Schedule and more!

Adding Moderators HeyGuys! We’ll be adding some more moderators to stream shortly! I know a lot of people want to be mod but trust me you’re better off as just a viewer! I’m going to start leaning on mods more to help with chat spam, facilitate chat activity, suggest improvements […]


Announcing the new text to speech command that viewers can use to “!say” messages to navetz while he’s in game. Cost: 1 gram of protein per character. Shameless:  D <  $5 = 100 grams of protein per $ D < $10 = 150 grams of protein per $ D > […]